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Key Features

Live Telephone Assistance

We make every effort to make ourselves available to you via telephone during our normal business hours.

Dedicated Customer Service Team

The Trash Control Residential team is dedicated to doing what is necessary to provide you with excellent service.

Prompt Response

When there is an issue with your service, we will move quickly to resolve that issue in the quickest way possible.

Reliable Service

Quality, dependable service is what our team remains focused on to bring you the most satisfied customer experience.

We Provide The Cart

We provide clean, in good repair 95 gal carts for use with our service.

No Hidden Fees

Our invoices are easy to read and understand. There are no hidden fees. Your cost is clear and predictable.

Service Notifications

Receive emailed reminder to put cart out for service. Then receive a notification when our service has been completed and you can retrieve your cart.

GPS Routing

Our drivers utilize a GPS enabled routing system to ensure that all customers are serviced. Our dispatchers are able to monitor driver progression and can provide you with real time data regarding your service.

No Auto-Dump Trucks

We choose to handle carts individually. This allows for better care for the cart and allows us to place your cart neatly out of the road, out of your driveway and out of the way of your mail carrier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regular household trash is fine. Items such as batteries, tires, oil, liquid paint, electronics or combustible materials deemed hazardous, such as propane tanks or acids are not allowed.

Yes, we will only service the container that we provided to you to use for our services.

We recommend that you place the container for pickup before 6am on your scheduled service day. Most people will set theirs out on the night before service.

We do offer special services for those who are unable to push their cart out for pickup. Please call to discuss your specific need.

We do prefer that our customers place their trash in bags that are securely closed.

Bulky materials such as drywall, concrete, bricks, dirt, tree limbs, furniture, appliances, yard debris or mattresses are not accepted for regular pickup. Call the office to set up an estimate for removal.

We understand that there will be times when you have have more trash than will fit into your container. We do not charge extra for this occasional occurrence up to a maximum of 3 bags. However, if the occurrence level increases, we may ask that you sign up for an additional container. If you have more than 3 bags of overflow, please call our office to make arrangements for pickup.

In most cases, if your normal pickup day falls on a holiday, we will make your pickup on the next following business day.

We will communicate via email our plans for your holiday pickup.

Quote Form For Weekly Garbage Service

Fill out the form below if you’d like to establish garbage service with our company. We will use this information to create your account. Once an account is created, an invoice will be sent out to your email for you to review and pay. Once paid, we will deliver your cart(s) and schedule you for service. By submitting this form, you are under NO obligation to setup service. If you change your mind, just let us know and do not pay the invoice. Please let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to serving you as a valued Trash Control Residential customer.

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