Recycling Starts With You!

You Place It

We Haul It

They Process It

Recycling is a way of turning old stuff into new stuff, of changing used household materials we throw away into new products we buy and use. Lots of things we consider trash can be reprocessed into new products and used again: plastic bottles, newspapers, aluminum cans, jelly jars and many more. Recycling is collecting, reprocessing, marketing and using these materials.

Recycling helps to conserve our natural resources for future generations, uses less energy than raw material production, saves space in our rapidly filling landfills, and prevents pollution.

Everyone plays an important role in the recycling effort. It all begins with you. Empty and rinse accepted plastics and cans, flatten cardboard and place into one of our dedicated recycling bins. We will collect and transport separately from your home to the recycling facility where they will process, sort and place the recyclables with manufacturers to repurpose into new products.

Our Recycling Guide

What and what not to place in the recycle bin as determined by our recycling partner.